Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sorry, this wasn't the real battle with big money

Loath am I to harsh the well-earned mellow this fine shining morning, but before too much of the adrenaline wears off, a warning.  Dark money gets more bang for its buck in the mid-term elections where turnout tends to be low (i.e when the voters suppress themselves).  The GOP knows the demographic tides they swim against and they already have plans in place to re-stock the war chests and push ahead for 2014.  Even now they hope to achieve again what they accomplished in 2010, floating bizarre reactionaries into office on a tide of money while the bulk of the electorate stays home.

So while it was critical for all of us to work and turn out for yesterday's outcome, our harder fight is coming.  They are waiting for us to stop punching, to stop guarding our heads.  Ruling classes never quit--ever.

If yesterday's gains from our investment is to become a growing portfolio we have to keep working, because as encouraging as the results were, they are not all that big.

If you are serious about not having yesterday's results cut out from under us in the short term, treat the next two years like you treated the last two, maybe even more so.  The tactics are the same.

Write many letters.  Handwritten if possible.  Send them to officeholders on both sides.
Raise money.
Communicate regularly with allies.
Fact-check relentlessly and publish and share all things necessary to drag the opposition into the light.
Be true.  The reality-based community swims against a strong tide, but it successfully forced blatant falsehood have a pretty bad day yesterday.  We need to sustain that. Hammer reality home at every chance.

Above all, DON'T. GET. COCKY.

They have a lot of money to play with.

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